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Tile Types

Tile Types

You can select from an assortment of different tile bodies to get just the look you want. All tiles are available in a variety of sizes.

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Tumbled Stone

A flat stone finish that presents any art or image in an old-world fashion. The tiles must be sealed if used in a water application.


Tiles meet ANSI and ASTM standards for residential and commercial wall or FLOOR applications. Glass surface is slightly textured, which may affect the way an image looks when viewed through the glass. May be backlit for special applications to provide a translucent effect. Suitable for high traffic areas.

Ceramic Tiles--Two different finishes:

Satin Hard Coat

Highly resilient and scratch resistant matte finish wall tile. Recommended for vivid photo/art reproduction. Can be used in showers, and back splash applications.

Glossy Hard Coat

Provides brilliant surface for superior artwork and photo reproduction. Susceptible to scratches, glossy tiles are not recommended for surfaces which require frequent cleaning.

Textured Wall Tile

A rustic, matte, ceramic tile with a unique near-stone, textured finish. Light tan in color, this tile mutes colors somewhat, creating a more rustic look.


An off-white tile that generates a slightly more muted or artistic color reproduction than the glossy hard coat. Recommended for all water and outdoor applications. An excellent, versatile tile choice.

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