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Tile Information

Create Custom Tiles for Decorative Accents for Gifts, Home or Office

Tiles are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. Any image can be placed upon a single tile, or spread across multiple tiles to create a tile mural or mosaic.

OUR TILE GLAZES AND INKS ARE MADE IN THE UNITED STATES AND MEET ALL U.S. REQUIREMENTS!! With so many concerns about product contamination and quality, you can be confident in the quality of our products.

YOU MAY FIND CHEAPER TILES ELSEWHERE. This is because some providers use a "decal" approach to stick the image to the surface of the tile. This is a cheap and easy method of transferring images to tile but it is not particularly durable. The image will wear off over time and the surface is susceptible to scratches from cleaning and general use.

The images on our tiles are "baked in" to the tile itself. They do not sit on the surface of the tile, but are actually sealed into the tile. This makes the images much more durable and resistant to damage. They can be washed with mild detergents and gentle plastic scrubbers. We do not recommend placing tiles in the dishwasher because of the cork backing, not because of concern about damaging the image on the tiles.
We use an 8-color ink process, unlike many other 4-color processors.  This allows us to capture and reproduce a wider color gamut and more detail, and create the most accurate, detailed representation of your images. 

Create unique, custom accents for kitchens, baths, floors, backsplashes, walls, tile murals, wall hangings, trivets, or coasters. Perfect for your home or as gifts. Tiles can easily be incorporated into home improvement projects or used as wall decor.

See the examples below of ways to combine any image from this site into a unique, durable work of art for your home.

Because each tile is custom crafted for your order, the lead-time is two to three weeks for your complete order. Shipping charges will apply to tile orders and are calculated based on order weight and shipping distance. And, because we realize accidents can happen when installing tile, we will provide a limited number of replacement tiles for tile murals at no additional cost. The number of replacement tiles is contingent on the size of the mural and will be specified in your contract and order confirmation for a period of 60 days from the time your original order is placed. Call (484) 354-5979 for details or to place your order today!

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