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Tile FAQs

Q. What will a mural cost?

Each mural is custom produced to your unique size and materials specifications. As such, a custom quotation will be produced for your order. Contact Scenic Shutterbug for a consultation.

Q. How do I select my mural?

It's simple. Pick the image that you would like to use, decide how big you would like the finished mural to be and select the type/size tile you would like to use. Call us at (484) 354-5979 and we will provide a quote. Once you approve the quote, we will do the rest and ship the completed mural with the installation legend directly to you.

Q. Where can the tiles be installed?

Nearly anywhere. Different tiles are better suited to different applications. Contact us for details.

Q. What if I break a tile during installation?

 A. We realize that accidents happen. Scenic Shutterbug will supply a limited number of replacement tiles at no additional cost (except shipping)if a tile is broken within 60 days of your order. The number of replacement tiles available will be specified in your order confirmation. Contact us if you need a replacement tile.

Q. Can the tiles be installed on floors?


A. Glass tiles can be installed in both residential and commercial floor applications.

Q. Can tiles be used in areas with water (backsplashes, showers, outdoors)?

YES. Certain tiles are better suited to wet or exterior applications. Contact Scenic Shutterbug for details.

Q. What size tiles can I use?

Tiles come in a variety of standard sizes and custom sizes are available. Standard sizes include 4.25" square, 6"x8", 8"x8", 8"x10", 12"x12". Not all tile styles are available in all sizes. View Tile Information on website or contact us for details.

Q. Can you ship my tile more cheaply?

Your order is too important to risk breakage during shipment. Once installed, your tile is very durable, but it is heavy and susceptible to breakage if dropped during transit. To make sure that your tile reaches you in perfect condition, extra care is taken in packaging your tiles for shipment. Each tile is individually packaged in a plastic sleeve to protect it from rubbing against other tiles. All tiles are then wrapped tightly together to keep them from shifting during transit. For tile murals, each row is packaged and labeled to make assembly easier. Finally, all tiles are padded with foam or bubble wrap. For large orders, tiles are boxed and this this box is suspended on foam corners inside of another box to guard against damage.

Q. Why do your tiles cost so much?

The method we use to transfer the image to the tile ensures a high-quality, durable image that will be resistant to damage. Our images are sealed within the tile itself. They do not just applied to the surface of the tile. This allows the tiles to be cleaned with mild detergents without fear of damaging the image. Try doing that with cheaper imitations or even hand-painted tiles.

Cheaper tiles typically use a process similar to decouppage or decals whereby the image is "stuck" to the surface of the tile. Sometimes these are then brushed with a glaze to provide some protection. However, the image is not baked-in. It will wear off over time and can be difficult to clean. In those tiles, the image sits on the surface of the tile, and is far more susceptible to damage. It should not be used where frequent cleaning is necessary or where it will be exposed to heat, water, or heavy traffic. These tiles are not durable enough for kitchens and baths, coasters, trivets, etc.

We also take the time to make sure that any image you submit to us is optimized for the product you choose. That means editing the image to make sure that it is as sharp and clear as we can make it, that the colors are true to the original that you provided and that the image is centered appropriately on the piece you selected. We don't just slapdash "copy" the image you send us. Many shops charge extra for such editing so the final price may be considerably more than the you originally expect. We think such editing is an integral part of the service we provide and provide these basic and very necessary editing features at no added cost.

If ever there was a case of getting what you pay for, this is it. This is an investment that you want to last, so do it right. This will ensure that you will be able to enjoy the results for years to come.

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