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Photo Editing and Restoration

Scenic Shutterbug is  happy to offer photo editing and photo restoration services as stand alone offerings. 


Our long-term customers know that we already provide complementary photo editing as part of our image product services.  We now offer more sophisticated photo editing services, including image cleanup (removing distractions, red-eye removal, cloning/healing, color cast removal, etc.)  Our photo restoration services can take cherished images that have been damanaged or become faded over time and produce nes digital imnages that faithfully reproduce the image before it was damaged. 

We can work with prints, slides, negatives, or digital files.  Our process is non-destructive.  All originals (prints, slides, negatives) will be returned to you in the condition in which they were received along with your new final image.

These services are custom tailored to your specific requirements.  Call or e-mail us for more informagtion or a quote for your special project.



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